3 Common Mistakes Entrepreneurs Make

Avoidable Mistakes That Can Save Your Business

When you have a new business, it can be easy to make missteps or overlook certain aspects of your business. Here are some common mistakes that are made:

  1. Not Saving for a Rainy Day
    Does your business have an emergency fund? Have you accounted for the seasonality of your business and how that might affect your operations? For many, this can be kind of a moving target. But having emergency funds available can help save your business should the unexpected or the unthinkable happen.
  2. Not Investing in the Right Talent
    It can be easy to make hires early on, even if your candidates don’t “wow” you. This is not the best course of action early on. Making mediocre or risky hires can harm your¬†business in the short and long run. Some entrepreneurs also don’t know when to fire some of the early but underperforming employees in their organization. This can sink your business as well as you have this dead weight pulling your budget and capabilities down.
  3. Focusing on too Many Things at Once
    As a business owner, it seems like the work never ends. Even with a skilled team, you have to wear many hats and learn about many subjects you may not have known about or had an interest in before. It can also be tempting to pursue so many initiatives that you stretch your team too thin.
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