A Note on Conference Swag

Hey there, we’ve done a post on attending conferences as an exhibitor and went into this subject a bit but I’d like to expand upon it a bit more. Conference “swag” can be a great way to promote brand recall after a trade show. But it is important to the right swag for the right people. You’ll see what I mean soon:

Something Unique and Useful
What is something a prospect might need during a show? “A bag!” you shout excitedly, “to carry other people’s swag.” Thing is, several other booths are going to have bags as well. And no one except “trick-or-treaters” are going to need more than one bag at a trade show. Besides personalized bags get expensive fast.

“Pens! A notepad!” Whoa, stop. While these things can be useful, how often do you really use these things after the fact? Be honest.

You want something that can either cater to the masses (anyone who stops by your booth) or to qualified prospects (people who stop by your booth and talks to your sales team and seems genuinely interested in your services.

For the masses, you can do something generic as a giveaway item. Pens, Pads, Bags, Hats, Shirts, things that aren’t super expensive as they will likely have little to no return on investment.

For prospects, now is the time to shine. Personalized USB drives with your sales deck loaded onto them, iPad or iPhone cases with your company logo, things they will actually use in their daily life.

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