Adoption Needs to be Top-down

So, you have a new initiative you’re looking to adopt. Maybe you have a new system you’re looking to implement. Maybe there is something about your company’s culture you’re looking to change. Now, what next?

Disseminate it to your employees of course! But what if all of your employees are not your direct reports or you have too many employees to personally address? Then you’ll need to rely on your managers to carry out managing the adoption process for their reports. Before I continue, I have a short story:

The VP of Sales of a company wanted the sales team to start using a program for opportunities that were over half a million dollars. The vice president started using this program immediately for their own opportunities and worked with the team members to convert one of their major opportunities into this program. Then, the VP expected the sales team to continue doing this for all of their major opportunities. The thing is the sales team considered this an activity that was preventing them from just selling.

If you’ve ever supported or worked with a sales team before, getting them to a) do anything but sell, especially if their livelihood depends on it and b) adopt anything new without extreme, prolonged pressure, is impossible.

So, what happened? The VP was pushing what they wanted with no consideration for their employees or how it would affect their work. The sales team was not even commission based and yet they only wanted to sell because that is how they would be measured in their performance review.

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