When and Why to Consider Alternative Funding Options

Is it time to look at different financing options?

Sometimes, traditional funding cannot meet you halfway given your business current needs. Other times, your own businesses needs will make pursuing alternative funding beneficial. Here are some of the most common reasons to look into these options:


We’ve touched on this before, so I won’t go into too much detail here. But when you need to expand your capacity and need to do it quickly, using some of the alternative funding options provided by Qualifunds can be ideal.

If You Are Considering Making Cuts

If you are thinking about making cuts to your organization, be it in the form of staff cuts, benefits or your own salary, first consider if alternative funding may be right for you. Business is can be tough and sometimes, cuts can be necessary. But if your company will be worse off for it, consider seeking financing.

When Time is Not on Your Side

Traditional lenders do not move quickly. They require a lot of paperwork and time to process and approve business loans. Sometimes, you need to move quickly to get things done. Qualifunds applications take minutes and approvals can occur in 24 hours.

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