Becoming a Philanthropist

There aren’t too many people out there who aren’t interested in helping others and bettering society. For many, the struggle is just how to get started or lack of money. Both these obstacles are easy to address. There are organizations all over the country who need help in varying capacities, from volunteer help to donations, leadership and introductions. Most everyone can fit into at least one of these categories.

woman-1172721_1280Don’t have the liquidity or resources, but think that volunteering might be for you? Excellent! An organization called Volunteer Match can help get you started down the right path. Visit www.volunteermatch.org and they’ll walk you through the a process that matches you up with your skills, availability and locale for volunteer opportunities near you.

Maybe you do have the monetary means and resources to channel, but aren’t sure where your donation is best spent? Here are some questions to ask yourself? What are you passionate about? Where have you seen a need? Is there a situation that hits close to home or a loved one who has struggled with something? These are all great places to start. You can also visit www.charitynavigator.org to not only gain access to a multitude of charities, but also to look at ratings and to sort by category.

For many organizations it’s just as important to get an audience in front of the right people. Perhaps you are in a position of influence or hold a voice within an industry or cause? This is an excellent platform opportunity to speak up about the cause/s you care about. Help an organization get an audience with key political leaders or access to community influencers. Something so simple can make a big difference to an organization.

There are many different ways to help. Narrow down the best approach for your passions and situation and go for it! Every little thing that we do for another will make a difference and impact lives.

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