Budgeting For Vacation

This is the time of year when we find ourselves fast forwarding to summer time and imagining all of the wonderful things it has in store for us. Top of the list? Vacation, of course! Vacations usually cost money, though and if you’re not there, yet on the money front, no problem. We’ve got some ideas to get you to your vacation goal. 

  1. Be intentional. This is the number one rule when it comes to saving for anything. Vacation, though is especially fun to save for and those times when it’s tough, dream away about being in your destination to keep you focused on your savings goal.
  2. If you’ve already filed your tax returns, you may have a nice little refund coming your way. Commit to setting aside or saving part of that return just for your vacation.
  3. Maybe it’s a great time for a garage sale or you have some items laying around or in storage that you’ve been meaning to sell? Do it now! Give yourself some lead time. You aren’t desperate to sell so you can wait for the best offer. Apply the easy cash you make to your vacation fund.
  4. Always check for travel deals online. Online booking companies offer travel discounts for all sorts of destinations. If you have some flexibility and aren’t picky about where you’re headed, think about booking some last minute travel. There are amazing deals to be had on last minute vacation packages in an effort to keep resorts booked. 
  5. Flexible on when you can travel? Off-season travel can also offer fantastic discounts. Resorts and tourism aren’t fans of the slow season and will go to great lengths to bring in vacationers. It could be you!
  6. Think about other ways to save when you arrive at your destination. Can you save money by booking a suite with a kitchenette and cook for yourself and family? One of the biggest expenses when vacationing is food.
  7. What about travel? Renting a bike or taking your own with you, if you have the ability, is another great way to save on gas, taxi’s or other travel expenses. Bike’s allow you to see more and slow down your pace, while on vacation, not to mention they’re great exercise.
  8. Consider traveling with friends. Splitting the cost of accommodations, while bunking up is a terrific way to shave off costs. Throw food in there and cook together, equals even more savings.

Whatever you do, start now. Every penny counts when it comes to saving for your vacation goals. Maybe you also cut out expensive coffee drinks for two months? That savings alone, gets you $100’s closer to your destination. Happy saving and safe travels!

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