Growing on LinkedIn

How Can You Promote Your Business on LinkedIn?

We all want to get the word out about our business but with so many channels and media available to us, it can be hard finding the right one. LinkedIn is nice because it is meant specifically for professionals and can be a great platform for networking. It’s important to remember that LinkedIn is not Facebook, so generally try to keep things as professional and business related as possible. Here are some ways you can maximize your presence on LinkedIn.


LinkedIn groups are a great way to find the right target audience for your business. Groups tend to have specific purposes and topics, you should be able to find a few relevant to your products and services that you can contribute to the conversation in. There are several important things to look out for in groups, however:

  • Is it active?
    • Many groups haven’t had a post in several years. You could try to get engagement going again with something new but in general, you may want to seek out another, more active group.
  • Does the group allow overt promotion?
    • Some groups have rules against advertising in any fashion, while others only allow promotion if someone asks for a relevant recommendation. Read the rules before you post.
  • Does this group contain your target audience or just your competition?
    • Some groups represent professionals in the same industry but may not have followers that you can sell to. There’s no need to spend time marketing to people who are selling the same kinds of things you are.

Reach Out

LinkedIn can provide you with a bottomless list of potential connections. People are generally more lenient with who they connect with on Linkedin but that doesn’t mean you should try to connect with every professional you see out there. When you do make a new connection though, reach out to them! Send them a message and provide recommendations if you know them well enough. This can go a long way towards building relationships with your connections. People work with who they like, never underestimate the power of this.


LinkedIn just recently added the ability to post videos to the platform natively. With the rise of the popularity of video content, this was a huge move for the network. Videos have much higher engagement than other forms of media and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon!

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