How do you Generate Publicity for your Business?

How do you put Yourself out There?

Get Out There

How can people find out about your business if there is no way they could have heard of you? You should work to increase your presence on social media and while it is free to have a presence on most networks, you should probably look into paid promotions to grow your presence, to begin with.

Speaking of presence, when was the last time you went to an event and networked with people? There are so many events, conferences, and organizations you can join to meet other people. Don’t have one near you that’s relevant. Start something that is and will have value to attendees. You could also start mentoring, volunteering within your community or other activities to show you are a caring person and to meet people.

Generate Content

So you’re on social media, you’ve got a website and nothing interesting on them. Oh, right. You need to be making content that will be relevant to your prospective clients and customers. Write some blog posts that are relevant to what you do and that will be helpful to your prospects and customers. Write press releases and send them out to news outlets. Take some pictures and videos of your process, people like to see how things are done, the struggles you may be going through and how you manage your day to day.

Get Recognized

Gain yourself some clout. Apply for awards in your industry, entry fees typically aren’t too terrible. Plus, you’ll be able to network some more as well. You can also put yourself forward as a speaker at conventions and summits.  It’s a great way to position yourself as an industry leader.

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