Is Your Business Green?

Been thinking about going green for a while and know it’s long overdue? The good news is that you won’t be pioneering anything new and cutting edge. Bad news, is that yes, it’s long overdue. Don’t worry, though you aren’t the only company running behind in this change. Did you know that according to environmentalleader.com 53% of consumers prefer to do business with a Green company. What are the advantages of going Green for the company aside from being preferred by consumers? Here are a few:

  • Legal and tax advantages
  • Better workplace for your employees
  • Reduction in waste
  • Sustainability for long term initiatives and environmental impact
  • Positive public perception
  • Cooperative, global effort

Concerned about the process and how to get there? Not a problem! The Green Business Bureau can help you through each step. The GBB specializes in company transformations to the green side. Interested in learning more about the GBB? Just visit gbb.org and take a tour or enroll today.

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