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Chances are you’ve heard it hundreds of times over your life, “it’s all about who you know.” Whether this is in your job search, within your company, or many other situations, it seems to always hold true. Making connections and knowing people is especially important in the business world. Having the right connections can help with many things; getting you acclimated in a new workplace, getting you a new position, receiving a raise, or just getting great advice from a friendly superior. There is no doubt that this phrase you’ve heard over and over really means something. So, we would like to offer some tips and tricks to making quick, strong connections.

The first thing we can offer is transparency. This has become a very important value in the business world- clients want to see this from companies, consumers want to see this in the businesses they’re loyal to, hiring managers want to see this with potential candidates, and bosses want to see this in their employees. Being transparent and honest makes you much easier to connect with and gives people the feeling that they really know you.

Another important factor in making connections is not being judgmental. People from different walks of life can have a lot to offer to your outlook and ideas. You can gain a lot by listening to other people talk about their experiences, even when they may not seem to have a lot to do with your personal goals.

This next idea may seem cliché but it is something businesses are really trying to work toward and it is bonding in the work place. Making time to hang out with your colleagues can make for stronger relationships and that shows in the work done in the office. There is a big difference in a group of employees and a team. These personal connections made in the office could strongly benefit you in the long haul, too.

Leaving a strong first impression is another thing you’ve probably heard over and over but that’s because it is so crucial when making connections. Studies show that in the first seven seconds of meeting someone you determine whether you like them or not. Becoming aware of this can give you an advantage in making that first impression a strong one by embracing good eye contact, good posture and body language, nice expressions, and having a solid handshake.

Asking good questions and being involved in the conversation is also extremely significant when making connections. No matter how many times you’ve conversed with someone you should always make them feel like what they are saying matters by offering your full attention. People will always remember how you made them feel!

Our last piece of advice in making strong connections is to learn from everyone you meet, whether they are superiors, inferiors, or colleagues. Each person is crucial to your role in life and business. There is a lot to learn from everyone and people tend to enjoy knowing that you walked away learning something from them.

When you need to ask a favor or need help finding a new position, all of these things can come into play. Making great connections is key to reaching your personal and career goals. There is no time like the present to start making lasting connections and we hope these tips can help!

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