Making a Change in the New Year

Yes, it’s that time again, right? New Year’s resolutions are upon us. Whether you are an avid resolution maker or have decided just this year that it’s time to make some changes, you aren’t alone! The question always is, though, how do you make the right ones and stick to them? Below are some suggestions to get and keep you on the right track for 2018 and beyond.


  1. Most experts agree that biting off more than you can chew always makes change more difficult. So, start and focus on one thing you’d like to implement and start small. If it’s exercise, for example, commit to walking for 15 minutes each day. Then after a few days/weeks, add another 5-10 minutes onto it. Eventually you can work up to your goal time and maybe even increase the exertion with running for 5-10 minutes. This could work with a gym membership, too or group class. The same approach can be applied to finances, eating habits, relationships and more.
  2. Share your initiative with at least one other person who you know will keep you accountable and ask about your progress. Pick someone you trust and you’ll be honest with, especially if you drop the ball and need encouragement to get back on track. If you can find someone to share in your goals – even better.
  3. Did you fall off the ladder? Don’t beat yourself up about it. Pick back up again, even if it means you take a few steps back to regain momentum. We all have stressful, busy and unforeseen things that come up in life. The point is to approach your goals from a healthy standpoint. This will also help insure you stay on track, enjoy what you’re doing and feel confident as you navigate your lifestyle change.

For more information about successful resolution setting, read the article in the New York Times Smarter Living section.

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