Managing Your Personal Finances Digitally

Like most of us, I’m sure you have little to no time to delve into your bank account regularly and mine for trends, overspends, check savings goals or monitor for fraudulent charges. However, as they say, there is an app for everything now. In this case, many to choose from to aid in managing your personal finances. Below are some of the top recommended apps:

Mint – This app is the most widely known and popular personal finance apps and is excellent for tracking spending, allocation of categories, tracking budgets and more. There is some set up involved, but if you are committed to managing your finances, it’s well worth the set up time and customizations within the app.

Acorn – This is another great app that focuses on savings with an easy approach of rounding up on purchases.

Digit – This app is backed by Google and takes on a similar approach to Acorn. It’s specialty is honing in on untapped savings. It analyzes your spending habits, once connected to your personal accounts and transfers money in small increments into a savings, which you can use and access at any time.

Goodbudget – This app is for those who actually enjoy getting into the weeds a bit with their finances, but want to do it digitally. Again, there is a fair amount of initial set up, but once that is complete, there is very specific “folders” you can monitor and change for your personal budgeting.

The apps abound, but if you aren’t necessarily on fire to use one, check with your personal bank. Most banks have tools built into your account and available to you. Saving tools, phone apps and personal banking are just a few of the choices you can tap into, just within your own banking system.

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