Mental Health and Your Business

How to Handle Mental Health in the Modern Workplace

There’s been a lot of talk about mental health in the workplace in the past few years. The importance of work-life balance and self-care have become more prevalent as well. But how do you as a manager or business owner handle mental health in your own daily life at your company?

Mental Health Days

Some companies have been rethinking sick days to include mental health days. Some businesses even require them. Mental health days can be a good way for employees to decompress from the stresses that come with work. For me personally, when I start dreaming about work, I know it’s time to consider taking some time off. This is obviously not a hard an fast rule but it’s been a good indicator for me.

Counseling Services

Many health insurance plans also include counseling services. If yours does not, you might consider finding an agency that can support your employees in this manner. Counseling can be a very useful tool for maintaining mental health.

Be Open with your Employees

Don’t be afraid to have open and honest conversations with your employees about mental health. Let them know that they can bring any concerns or issues they are having to you. If other steps need to be taken, such as an employee taking a leave of absence or sabbatical, you should be open to this as well.

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