Pulling the Rug Out From Under Candidates

It can be tempting to glaze over the true nature of a position in your company that may seem not very appealing. I once had a job where a very involved salesperson was planning on leaving the company and the company planned on me taking over doing product samples which involved carting around hundred-pound boxes for, at times, 20 hours a week when I had a full-time job to also do on top of that. They didn’t tell me this until this salesperson was on the way out the door and I was left holding the (hundred-pound) bag. I fought it for three years and the responsibility wasn’t transferred until I no longer worked there.

On the other hand, I’ve had employers be very upfront with me. This same employer, in a different position, asked if I was okay being in cold environments, as cold as -25 degrees Fahrenheit. Another interview I had at a company, my manager advised me (and every employee who applied there) that the position was difficult to get started on and was very boring somewhat mindless task. Fortunately, that was exactly what I needed. As a creative person, I do some of my best thinking while doing quiet mindless tasks. I ended up doing extremely well in this position (but ended up inadvertently putting myself out of the job, but that’s another story.)

Herein lies the point of this post. Be honest with job candidates about the nature and all of the responsibilities of a position. Doing anything else will result in high turnover and wasted money.

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