How to leverage Revenue-Based Financing for your business

Revenue-Based Financing- Flexible Financing for Large Amounts of Capital

Revenue-based financing is a great solution for those looking for more capital than may be available in a standard merchant cash advance but with the high amount approval rates of standard business loans. There are times when you need a large amount of capital quickly, such as when a major opportunity presents itself and you need to scale quickly to meet the needs of your business’s increased workload. It also has the advantage of having a percentage of revenue as loan repayment. This helps manage your cash flow, as the amount will be higher in your busier months and lower during slow periods. This is great if your business has a large amount of seasonality, such as a construction company.

Revenue-based financing has been custom tailored to provide flexible repayment while maximizing approval amounts. Sell us a percentage of your future revenues to have funds deposited directly in your business bank account. Perfect for business’ that don’t process $10,000 in credit card sales monthly, but still want a flexible repayment structure that a merchant cash advance provides. Here are some more detail on what Qualifunds can offer:

  • $5,000 – $1,000,000

  • 4 months – 24 months

  • Unsecured Financing

  • Custom tailored terms

  • Any credit Ok

  • Approvals based on revenue

  • Automatic variable payments

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