Success in Business: The Seven P’s

We’ve all heard that life isn’t an easy to road to hoe or that it’s not a bed of roses, but there is a silver lining (since we’re on a roll with the analogies, after all). If we’re fortunate enough to learn from other people’s mistakes and successes and latch onto some key advice, we all have a pretty good chance of getting ahead and reaching our goals. Let’s break some key life lessons down into the “7 P’s…”
Be punctual in your business dealings. It doesn’t matter if you’re on a call or face-to-face, punctuality is extremely important and shows a clear sign of respect for the other party involved. It’s also an indicator of how seriously you’re taking the given situation. Punctuality has often times made or broken a deal, job, relationship – you get the picture. Be. Punctual.
Powerful Communication
Use your command of language with a powerful, clear voice and control each conversation with conviction and confidence. Relay each sentiment with vibrato, but be sure to take your turn listening. Listening can be just as important as speaking, if not more at times and is also an important tool in powerful communication.

Smile as you dial and end your words with an upward, positive inflection to relay happiness to your prospects, via your tonality and the words you choose. Tone and demeanor can be detected on the phone or through email and text communication, too. Be sure not to take your written language for granted. Many times those communications can hold even more, permanent weight then a face-to-face communication.

Kill people with kindness. The words please and thank you can move mountains and reflect on your character. Be respectful to not only your superiors, but those you may manage. The janitor deserves just as much respect as the CEO.
Convey a level of professionalism and integrity that is second to none. Convey how and why you and your business truly care about each interaction and project. Many times, if you do not take the time to explain this specifically, the impact and moment may be lost and your competitor may win the business. Mean, what you say. Why do you do what you do and do it better than another? This isn’t an opportunity to walk on others, but an opportunity to separate yourself from the herd in a professional, positive manner. Be courteous and honest in your customer dealings at all times.
When you initially start out, it’s easy to take your first “no” to heart and be discouraged, but don’t! In marketing alone, studies show that your customer needs at least 7-8 touches before they are usually willing to even deal or recognize their need. Keep pushing. Don’t give up, but be sure to be respectful, though at all times so that when you reach out for the fifth time, they are happy to take your call or meet you for an appointment.
It’s easy enough to say, not to get discouraged, especially when you’ve been at it for a while, but don’t! Push through each struggle, each time. Find a renewed vision and reward yourself for the small and big wins alike along the way. You will have failures. Everyone does. Pick yourself up, shake the dust off and move forward. Focus on your goals. Rome wasn’t built in a day, as they say!
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