Supporting the Community

Is your business supporting the community? Have you thought about how your business can not only reach and support those around you, but also offer your time and talent? Perhaps your business is not in a position to give much monetarily. In this month’s blog, we look at various ways your business can support the community.

Holiday Food Drives
The holidays are just around the corner and many non-profits are ramping up for the season of giving. Your business can easily participate by holding your own food drive to benefit a specific organization or cause. Use social media to get the word out and announce a winner.

Sponsor an Event or Youth Sports Team
Believe in a cause or have a passion for sports or clubs? Get involved! Not only can a business sponsor teams or a special event, but employees can also donate their time to an event or club. Maybe it’s an after school kids club or maybe it’s an actual event, like a run to raise money and awareness for a cause. It’s easy to get involved and find events in your area that your company can support.

Build a Home
Have you ever aided Habitat for Humanity? Your company can volunteer time to help build a home that benefits the community. It’s a great team building exercise for your employees, too and the impact on the community is far reaching.

Promote and Use Local Business
Are you using local businesses? Why not give them a shout out? Use social media and other communication streams to recommend and refer small and local businesses who are doing great things.

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