What Can You Cut Out?

Something happened. An expected expense came up, you lost your job, any of the plentiful things in life that happen. Now, things are going to be tight for a while. Hopefully, you have an emergency fund in place. But where can you cut back?

Subscription Services
This isn’t just Netflix and Hulu. Memberships to stores, magazine & newspaper subscriptions, and any recurring charges to your accounts. This is the most obvious change you can make and will affect your financial flexibility the quickest as you can cancel most of these quickly online.


Take a look at your current insurance coverage. Do you have any double coverage? Do you have really nice health insurance? Take some time to consider how much coverage you really need and adjust or cancel any policies that are too expensive or redundant.

Luxury and Convenience
This is a big one and for many, the hardest to part with. It’s time to stop getting fast food and delivery and start brown-bagging it. Planning a vacation? Maybe make it a stay-cation. Cut out things that are nice in favor of things that you actually need.

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